Getting In Shape Before I Leave

I’ve got about two more months before I leave on my epic world adventure. I’m in fairly decent shape, but I want to make sure I’m in excellent shape before I go.

I’ll be traveling solely by ground transportation. That’s buses, ferries, trains and cars (hitchhiking). Since I’m going to be carrying everything on my back for 3 months straight, I need to be in great shape to make sure I don’t get worn out just from carrying my gear.

For the past month I’ve been hiking more than usual. I usually hike once or twice a week, but I’ve bumped that up to three or four times a week. I’m also going on longer hikes to build up my stamina.

Instead of hiking with only a bottle of water or small bag, I’m hiking with the large backpack I’ll be using on my trip. I’m adding a little more weight to it with each hike to build up my strength and endurance.

I don’t usually take supplements, but since I’m short on time and want to get as lean as possible before I go, I started taking some fat burners (I like the ones from this website). I’m not fat by any means, but they help speed up my metabolism and give me an energy boost, both of which help me get as lean and fit as possible in a short period of time.

In addition to hiking and stamina-building, I’m also doing lots of core exercises daily. I try to alternate between crunches, planks and kettlebell routines to get more core muscles super strong. They’ll help with my balance and stability on my travels.

Snoring + Travel

My parents say I’ve always snored even as a child. I snore every night. Loudly. Especially if I am overly tired, which I’m likely to be after a long, tiring day of traveling.

As I’ve been preparing for my trip, I realized this was going to be a problem. I’m going to be staying in hostels and dorms, and I don’t want to be that guy.

Should I warn people? Do I hand out earplugs? Is there a way to stop snoring?

I should point out that I don’t have sleep apnea, so my snoring isn’t a result of a serious medical condition. Just saying that upfront to avoid comments that I should get checked for sleep apnea or that I need a CPAP machine.

My doctor recommended asking my dentist about a mouthpiece to prevent snoring. I had no idea such a thing even existed, but off to the dentist I went. Not only do snoring mouthpieces exist, but they are also insanely expensive. There was no way I’d be able to swing that, especially before such a long trip.

My dentist recommended an over the counter mouthpiece instead. She said they’d be less expensive since they aren’t custom-made.

Based on her recommendation, I decided to try the Zyppah snoring mouthpiece from Stop Snoring, Sleep Well. I wore it for the first time last night and so far so good. It’s a little hard to tell if I snored or not since I was sleeping, but my parents said they didn’t hear me snoring so that’s a good sign.

Hopefully this will work and I won’t have to worry about snoring on my journey around the world.

The Plan

Exactly three months from now, I’ll be leaving.

I’ve done some solo backpacking in the States, but very little in the way of international travel. I’ll be gone for three months, in which time I hope to see eighteen countries. I’ll travel by ground transportation alone (ferries, trains, busses, hitchiking), and as I’ll be traveling alone, I hope to have some interesting adventures along the way, which I hope to share with you here at Good and Lost.

Wish me luck!